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A real fiscal conservative serving the great state of Wisconsin

Reliable. Responsible. Ready.

As a true fiscal conservative, I am committed to the sound financial management of assets overseen by the Office of the Treasurer and the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands. This investment needs to be well managed and robust both now and in the future.

The only person who works in the Office of the Treasurer is the Treasurer. You can count on me to administer this office without growing government and without using it as a stepping stone to another office.

We need a conservative administration in Wisconsin and 2022 can be the first time in 50 years we hold all 5 executive offices. I will be an asset to the party ticket in November, not jeopardizing this opportunity for conservative leadership.

April 18th, 2022

Fiscal Conservative Enters Race for State Treasurer: Attorney Will Focus On Protecting the Taxpayer


John S. Leiber (pronounced "LYE-burr"), announced his candidacy today for Wisconsin State Treasurer.

"I will focus on the job duties of the State Treasurer. The voters chose to keep this office and it should be administered by someone dedicated to the office and to public service."